Beyond Greenhouse

“The Beyond Green House” Commercial greenhouses employ huge energy consuming fans to move massive amounts of air for the purpose of producing maximum plant growth in the last amount of time. Exchanging the entire volume of air every 5 minutes is “the commercial standard”.

Our bodies exchange air effeciently with a diaphram which creates positive pressure on our lungs when it contracts to expell air and negative pressure when it relaces and expands to draw air in. This process is what we used in the design.

Agricultural plastic is tough stuff and serves as a suitable membrane for our diaphram roof. Raising and lowering the center 3′ up and down every minute is accomplished with hydraulics made of common PVC pipe and a fre items from the hardware store. What little power necessary to drive our hydraulics is generated by common houshold water pressure or a small solar pannel. Positive pressure exits a one way baffle (on the decending stroke of the hydraulic piston), which closes when negative pressure draws in air through the inlet baffle which in turn closes when the pressure in our growing area becomes positive again.

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