Anti-ageing and longevity research

Because of the technical and increasingly complicated direction of society as a whole, many simple and viable solutions to very basic real issues that we are confronted with in life have been left unexplored and undeveloped. Few, if any issues in life are more crucial than health and the quality and length of our lives.

The replication of the cells of our entire body is completed in seven years. During mitosis (the mechanism of cell replication) the cell is reproduced with a duplicate cell of a lesser quality. This loss of resolution is the human ageing process.

As explained in the “Hyporarithy” area of this website, the body is 80% water. Water expands when it gets hot and contracts when it gets cold. Assuming that the cell and the DNA within it are 80% water, they will expand and contract with hot and cold as well. They will be cleaner, healthier, and will function more efficiently, surrounded by cells, tissues and organs that are exposed to the same environment. Why? Because the elasticity that is promoted through mechanical movement (expansion and contraction) and exposure to fresh nutrients and oxygen make it so!

It is difficult to imagine that something as fundamental as this could have such a dramatic effect on something so critical and important to us without hitting the big screen. Can conscious heating and cooling of the body affect ageing? I fully believe so. Here is a photo of me, Richard, at age 51, when I was regularly engaged in “Hyporarithy”. Do you know, or have you seen anyone with skin and muscle tone of this caliber in this age bracket?